Zuma has the following toys of himself and his hovercraft:


Zuma's Hover Craft ($12.99)

Whether you float or hover you’ll discover the action-packed Paw Patrol adventure of Zuma’s Hovercraft! Save the day with this articulated pup and vehicle combination! It’s loaded with real working wheels and snap-fit fans that spin when you activate them! Race to the rescue with Zuma and the rest of the PAW Patrol by collecting the entire line of Paw Patrol vehicles! Together, your child’s imagination will be lit up with pup inspired rescue missions full of friendship, teamwork and bravery. Choose from Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, and Rubble, each with their own unique transformation! With Paw Patrol there’s no job too big and no pup too small. If danger is near just give a yelp, the Paw Patrol is here to help with Zuma’s Hovercraft!

Hovercraft + Wally & Anchors

Zuma's Jungle Hovercraft

Zuma's Hydro Ski

Rescue Racer


Blind Bag Figure

My Busy Books Figure

Action Pack Pup ($6.99)

All-Stars Action Pack figure

Pup-Fu Zuma & Kitty Rescue Set

Plush Toys

Build-a-Bear Workshop plush + optional accessories

Real Talking Plush Zuma

Note: Instead of being activated with a squeeze like Marshall, Skye, Rubble and Chase's, Zuma's phrases are activated by pressing his pup tag which does not light up.

Pup Pal

Bath Toys

Bath Squirter

  • Paddlin Pups'


Ionix Jr. Set

*Weebles toy