• The "Pups Save a Walrus" episode title is often translated to "Pups Save Wally" in international dubs of PAW Patrol.
  • In the French dub, Wally is renamed Maurice so that the first letter of his name can correspond with the first letter of morse (French for "walrus").
  • Two Wally stickers are included in the "Puptivities" activity set.
  • Wally becomes a father in "Pups Save Walinda."
  • Cap'n Turbot celebrates Wally Appreciation Day, on which he throws a party for Wally.
  • In the first episode, "Pups Make a Splash," Cap'n Turbot states that he is studying the sleeping and eating habits of the adult walrus. This is likely what led to him becoming a close friend of Wally.
  • Three different Wally toys are available: a bath squirter, a PVC figure, and a figure included as part of an Ionix Jr. set.
  • Wally appears in the storybooks Chase Is on the Case! and The Pups Save Christmas! He is also featured in "My First Look and Find" one of the Phonics Patrol readers.

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