Perhaps this isn't what a blog post is for, but I don't know where else to post this idea.

  • Note: This is NOT me trying to make my own episode!

From my observations of the show, I've somewhat constructed a scheme of which pup interacts with who most. I see that _____ most associates with:

  • Chase - Marshall, Skye
  • Marshall - Chase, Rocky
  • Rocky - Zuma, Marshall
  • Skye - Zuma, Chase
  • Zuma - Skye, Rocky
  • Rubble - More so just there, but I suppose most with Rocky and Marshall.

So here are my thoughts: wouldn't it be interesting to see an episode where the pups interact with someone they barely converse with on a regular basis? My proposal is:

  • Marshall and Zuma
  • Rubble and Skye
  • Rocky and Chase

In no way am I trying to suggest a story for how this would happen; I just think it would flip things around for a bit and make the episode entertaining (if it were to be done well). I don't know anyone else's thoughts on this; it's just an idea.

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