I am finally done the majority of the setup and made all of the decisions I had planned to make before starting to apply categories to pages. I plan to employ SmokythePolicePup and WildernessRescuerJonathan (they asked) to help me out in reapplying categories to the articles, so please do not interfere with their work. Also, please do not jump in to try to help, even if you detect a pattern in their (and/or my), editing. I would like to have complete control over the finished product and I cannot coordinate people who will spontaneously participate in this endeavour.

I would like to go over the different ways the category organization could have been logically performed, as well as the pros and cons of each and why I organized it the way that I did. I see three methods:

Application of categories to articles, related directly to applicable characteristics of the subject
For Chase: Young / Males / PAW Patrol Members / Dogs / Protagonists / Living in Adventure Bay / Animals / Characters
Pros Cons
  • Direct
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple to apply
  • Massive amounts of pages applied to the category

No way of simplifying search for similar items

This is the style that was previously used. If there was some way of cross-linking categories (i.e. searching for two categories at once), with the results of the search coming up with pages that had both of the categories, then this would be the best form. As it is (without such a search feature), finding similar pages results in looking through a sea of other characters with the same tag. This is not particularly useful, as one would probably hope for more divisions to narrow the scope of whatever is sought. This also covers WAY more categories than necessary, as it fills everything above the limited more specific categories that there are (i.e. “Dogs”, “Animals” “Characters” all being applied when each can fit under the next).
Application of single (or limited) categories to articles that describe the subject fully (or mostly)
For Chase: Protagonist, Young, Male Dog Members of the PAW Patrol Living in Adventure Bay
Pros Cons
  • Incredibly specific to subject
  • Able to be sorted
  • Unpleasant to look at
  • Difficult to find appropriate tag to apply
This style would allow for pages to be sorted any which way, so long as the greater category web is appropriately made. The unfortunate thing is that all category titles would require very long names that aren’t very helpful to the searcher, especially if there is only the change of one word and it is hard to find the word in between so many other traits. You could not control the extent to what you want to search; you would have to already know the full description of what you were searching for. Not to mention, the application of this to pages would be awful, as you’d have to go through a checklist to ensure you covered every description in the right order and with the right phrasing.
Method 3: BALANCED CATEGORIES This is the style I chose!
Application of categories to articles so that basic traits are more divided than they otherwise would be
For Chase: Protagonists / Important Youth / Important Males / PAW Patrol Members / Dogs / Living in Adventure Bay
Pros Cons
  • Allows for appropriate sorting
  • Semi-easy to apply to pages
  • Specific divisions
  • Categorical repetition
  • Divisions dependent on web
This style meets the other two styles in the middle: it is fairly (though not completely) direct and it allows for sorting (though not any which way). In order to be more specific than the first method, more divisions must sometimes be made and therefore multiple traits will be applied under one category. At the same time, if this is done to allow for unrestricted sorting, then too many tags would be applied to pages to describe the same things (i.e. Important Dogs / Male Dogs / Important Males / Young Dogs / Young Males / Important Youth / Youth Living in AB / Males Living in AB / Important Characters Living in AB / Dogs Living in AB, etc.). As a result, the setup of the divisions is very important: it should divide a sea of articles relatively well and in a way that is relevant to the searcher’s desires. The effectiveness is entirely dependant on how well the category web is set up, and that requires a lot of decision-making and manual construction. This style can be incredible or catastrophic, depending on the decisions made.

I would also like to go over some potential concerns:

Description of Concern Explanation for my Choices
Categories are repetitive I understand. This is, however, a necessity in order to break down categories with massive amounts of articles underneath them.
Some category webs take too long to go through The length of strands of the category webs varies depending on the division. Some of them are quite long, but this is only done to make the most sense. I did my best to avoid both categories and articles being applied under the same category, and to avoid skipping steps, which would make things quicker but also less easily for those who want organization.
On the descriptions of categories, there's some inconsistency This is something I've tried to avoid, and for the most part I believe I've succeeded. The only parts that may be inconsistent are specific instances of how I wrote things. I was changing my mind throughout the process, which affected the consistency of things that don't really matter (i.e. "Trivia" pages vs. trivia pages). I find it would be rather unreasonable to search through all of the category pages to make them all consistent when for the important parts they are already. Excuse me for feeling that way after the creation of 650+ categories.
The categories are not consistent across articles This will only be the case in the process of applying them. This cannot be done in a single day. Please give some time for this process to be undergone. When it is finished, if categories on articles are still inconsistent, then I would like to be informed.
The category on the article does not seem right for the page I ask that before it is changed, click on the category of interest and read its description to see if it applies. If the description is not explanatory, the chances are that the next category up will provide an appropriate explanation for the tag.
I just want to search for X and see all pages associated with it; not go through any divisions This is the fundamental system I am changing. If you like it that way, I apologize because that will not be possible afterward. I tried to create all of the relevant search pathways that people might be interested in searching for. Underneath that, I tried to limit it to one other division if necessary (i.e. if too many pages were still under the category). This shouldn't be too troublesome to go back ONE extra page to reach another class you wanted to browse through.
Is there any way to start from a point part way through a category strand Indeed there is: just search for "Category:Whatever You're Looking for" in the search box. Please note that it is somewhat of a guessing game, seeing as you have to start with the same word as in the category, but I believe once it is found it will make sense. Also, in most cases I tried to make the first word the same at the same division level (i.e. for location of residence of characters, most subsequent divisions start with "Living").
Some general categories are present, which doesn't make sense for this purpose If referring to tags like "Characters" or "Quotes", I'm aware. These were categories that achievements were based off of and I cannot remove them without nullifying everyone's track record.
Specific additional divisions should have been made If you can think of anything reasonable to act as another divisive pathway for article assorted that does not overlap with what I've already made, by all means tell me. I personally think though that I've covered the main things. Things such as "Characters with brown eyes" will definitely not be incorporated in the category web with my personal approval.
Some divisions only have one item underneath, which is pointless Yes, this is the case for some things. It was a challenge deciding how to organize some things because some divisions have so many items and others have so few. Sometimes the categories have only one item under them because more might be added (i.e. the "Monkeys" tag would have only featured Mandy, but Randy has since been introduced; the "Aliens" tag only has the space alien under it, but a page could be made in the future for its mother; groups such as the turtles might be split into the individual names, etc.). I tried to set it up so that minimal rearrangement must be undergone with the addition of a new feature in the show or page on the wiki. Some (perhaps just one), categories I made will have zero things beneath them, but again they could have pages added if the appropriate ones are made. I did not do this much, and limited the 99.8% of my activity to focus on what is currently on the wiki.
Some obvious divisions are not there on articles This will mostly be the case with episode pages. I've split up the categories so that (1) the actual page is less flooded and (2) the categories on it are relevant to the episode's actual content. General information about the episode that does not apply to events within the episode (i.e. year of premiere, title card character, length, season, and writer), are applied on the category just above for all of the associated pages. I also assumed that people looking for episodes by a criterium such as year are not looking for specific episodic events, and this way the other pages are more easily accessible as well.
The capitalization differences in some categories is off-putting Again, this mainly applies to episode pages. For the events occurring in the episode, I formed the category as part of a sentence (minus the prefix, which is stated on the category pages). In most (if not all), other cases, all significant words are capitalized. This distinguishes events from labels, allows unnecessary prefixes to be removed (i.e. the repetition of "Episodes in which" throughout all labels), and allows tagging to be somewhat easy in that everyone need only think of a sentence to describe the event in the episode.

I encourage that everyone look through the category web to gain a full understanding of what I've tried to do. Judge for yourself how effective it will be. I assure you I tried really hard to organize things in the most logical format possible, while making the effective result as easy to use as possible.

I hope my work was worthwhile for the community.

On a completely unrelated note, does my avatar show up for everyone else (i.e. when I make comments), or not?

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