Hi, this is my personal blog about Paw Patrol and about something I'd like to see that I never see on the series. Don't worry, I do have positive things to say about this show, but have some things I'd like to see on the show too, well, just a few, not that many.

I like Paw Patrol, and my favorite characters are Ryder, Alex, Marshall, and Chase to name a few.

Another thing I like about Paw Patrol is this show features a railroad crossing, something I'm highly into and have been ever since as far back as I can remember, like back when I was 1 or 2 years old in 1987 or more likely 1988.  My favorite things about railroad crossings are the gates that go down and the red lights that flash, and my most favorite kinds of crossing signals and gates are the ones used in the U.S., and I like that there are crossing signals and gates similar or almost similar to the ones in the U.S. in other countries (like Canada, Argentina, Australia, Panama, and The Netherlands to name a few, although I'm not 100% into the ones they have in China or Japan but they're okay. I also like the ones they have in Germany and the U.K. but I prefer the American style) The Paw Patrol railroad crossing almost fits this category. I have Asperger's Syndrome and railroad crossings are one of my biggest interests, and I talk about these things a lot, I even have drawings of them on Deviant Art ( and a few fanfics about them ( and I've talked about this on a few other wikias.

And this cartoon seems to feature a railroad crossing more than many other cartoons do, albeit it's the same railroad crossing, and it's featured in several of the Paw Patrol episodes. These are some images

I have to say, finding these images was harder than I thought.

Not all cartoons do this, show railroad crossings in many episodes, and there are some cartoons that don't, or haven't yet, feature railroad crossings at all, albeit there are trains in some of them, and I'm looking for cartoons that show railroad crossings. I do know of some, like The Simpsons (there are a few episodes but my most favorite episodes with a railroad crossing is "Them Robot,",_Robot I even wrote a blog about it on Simpsons Wikia, Fairly Odd Parents, Bubble Guppies, ("Triple Track Train Race"), Little Einsteins ("Go West Young Train", King of the Hill, (the episode where Hank Hill's truck dies, aired in January 2001), Dynomutt, Dog Wonder (The Great Brain... Train Robbery, and (screencap)) many classic Looney Tunes/ Merry Melodies cartoons including but not limited to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig,) Disney Cartoons (including but not limited to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck), Underdog ("The Great Gold Robbery"), Klondike Kat ("Honor at Steak"), Wacky Races, Popeye, The Iron Giant, Fat Albert (where Rudy plays his music too loudly and goes deaf temporarily), DuckTales, Static Shock, Curious George ("Station Master" and "George gets Winded" to name a couple) Johnny Bravo (season 2) Busytown Mysteries ("Where's the Hero?"), Bernard (the Polar Bear that gets into a lot of trouble) Handy Manny ("Squeeze Makes a Promise" (screencap)), Franklin and Friends ("Snail Mail" and "Franklin the Engineer") and more I could list. There are some cartoons I wish I could have seen a railroad crossing on (like Wow Wow Wubbzy, Phineas and Ferb, The Looney Tunes Show, and more cartoons I could list).

If any of you know anymore animated shows or movies with railroad crossings in them that I didn't already list, preferibly gated or lighted crossings, please tell me in the comments. If they don't have either lights or gates, please don't list it, crossings without either gates or lights are boring to me.

Anyway, getting back on topic. What I really would like to see that I never seem to see are the gates being down and the lights flashing, and maybe the bell (if there is one) ringing. Paw Patrol has featured a few episodes with trains in them and one episode "Pup Pup Boogie" takes place on the said railroad crossing, which is near the train station ( I've seen a train near the crossing in a few of the Paw Patrol episodes but never have I seen the crossing lights flash or the gates down, or hear the bells ring, they always seem to leave that out of the show (maybe it's irrelevant and time consuming). But I do like and appreciate that there is a railroad crossing in the show and that it has lights and gates. Like I said, not all cartoons feature it, but I do wish there was an episode that featured the crossing in action. I mean on "Pup Pup Boogie" at the lookout where Ryder is telling the Paw Patrol Pups what's going on, on the view screen there is a crossing signal with the gate down, but that's only on the view screen, not on the actual crossing itself.

Then again, there are some Paw Patrol episodes I haven't seen yet. So if anyone knows an episode or two or so that shows the Adventure Bay Railroad Crossing with it's gates down (and lights flashing and a train going by it), please tell me which episode. And if there isn't one, I hope eventually there will be if the show is still in production (if any of you work with the Paw Patrol crew, including the producer, please let them know I'd like an episode showing the crossing gates near the Adventure Bay station down, and maybe show the signal lights flashing and have a bell ringing. Thank you)

But I am happy and appreciative, and fortunate, that there is a railroad crossing in this show. Like I said, not all cartoons have railroad crossings in them, even cartoons that do feature trains.

The crossing gates though, are black and white striped, which is fine, and they can stay black and white, I do like black and white gates, but I prefer the more modern red and white striped ones. In case you didn't know this, there really were black and white gates in the olden days in the U.S. but that was back before the 1970s when black and white striped gates transitioned to red and white gates we see today. And cartoons made back in the early, and mid 20th century featured black and white gates because black and white gates were real at the time. Despite the fact that we now use red and white, some modern cartoons still feature black and white striped crossing gates, and some are black and yellow striped too, also in early or mid 20th-century cartoons.

I admit I'm obsessed with railroad crossings and I do like this about myself although I don't mean to annoy or irritate anyone with this, railroad crossings are just something I'm highly interested in and care deeply about although there are many many people who don't care for them. Thankfully I'm not alone in my interest, (, Mike's Railroad Crossing Website)

Though the gates are black and white, they're also vertically striped instead of slanted striped, and due to new M.U.T.C.D. (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards, crossing gates now have to be vertically striped, at least newly installed crossing gates. It makes more sense than the diagonally-striped gates because slanted stripes direct traffic to go left or right but you're supposed to stop at a railroad crossing (if a train is coming) hence the vertical stripes. (Source: And if you ask me, although I like the slanted stripes, railroad crossing gates should have been vertically striped in the first place, even when they were black and white.

Before I conclude this blog, which I need to do, I would like to share a Paw Patrol screengrab I managed to find (and finding images with crossings was like finding needles in a haystack, know anymore images, please share them in this blog) and I modified it so it's now fanart. This image was posted by Afrojack29 but I modified it to make it fit my taste.

Modified Paw Patrol Screenshot, Railroad Crossing

Modified screengrab, black and white crossing gate changed to red and white crossing gate.

I changed the black and white gate to a red and white gate, which is how I like it. I would have used another image but I searched through the photos are there are too many places to look, so I'm going with this one for now. If any better images come, or if there's one I feel like using, I'll use that too and add it to this blog later on. Please remember, this screenshot is NOT real, well technically it is but this is only a modified screenshot so please do not let yourself be fooled by the red and white crossing gate, crossing gates are still black and white on Paw Patrol. I did this for my enjoyment and for show. And to be honest, I also like gates with lights mounted directly on them as practiced in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and The Netherlands to name a few countries, I like them better but don't mind gates without lights monted directly on them, including the Paw Patrol crossing gates. I will also post this image in the Paw Patrol fanon and I might post this on Deviant Art too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Again, if you know an episode showing the crossing gates down, please inform me. Or if you know any cartoons/ animated shows that feature railroad crossings but only crossings with gates and or flashing signal lights, please share them with me so I can find them and watch them, and maybe find them on Netflix (but please no Youtube videos, I don't like going on Youtube or Vimeo, don't ask, long story.) Thanks you in advance.

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