Note this is my opinion about the Mission paw episode besed the toys, all the information its true and taken from toys, and i Know  maybe this dont apear inthe show but sometimes toys rebeal some upcoming thinks

Posible  characters

Besides  Swee tiethat been officially confirmed, in  Barkingburg there's the Earl,a Princess and her Royal cat. and  a ghost knight .

Posible places of Barkingburg

castle, Clok of Barkingburg,A bridge and a river.

New vehicles

my opinion

acording wiht the book description and the toys:

Chase is called to protect Barkingburg. Well at thispoint he is guard the royal coroun and apears a  ghost knight Chase Goes after him and at this point the mission is complicated and it is then when Chase asks his friends for help, then everyone arrives in Barkingburg and Ryder gives him his new equipment and the first mission is to help chase.

Also could have more missions based on the mison Cards in future episodes:

I think that the ghost knight can appear in "Pups Bust a Royal Ghos Maybe its someone who works for Sweetie,In some point the Princess could be captured (in the toys not mentioned but was probably captured by Sweetie.Other missions may be to repair the Barkingburg Clock and Bridge.Also seems to me possible to save the royal cat of the princess, maybe Sweetie is jealous of this cat because it is the real cat and she is not.The crown robber mission card,  could apears Pups Save the Royal Throne

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