this blog post is to write my complete theory as I think it could be the season 4. First, I think Barkingburg appear in the middle of the season 4 (EP14) like Tracker, or which might be an alternative place like the jungle.

Now the 3 elements confirmed villain, place, vehicle:

1. Sweetie, i thinks could replace aHumdinger and The Kitten Catastrophe Crew, or perhaps they could follow PAW Patrol to Barkingburg, then they would have two alternative villains, if that happens, I think that only would follow kittens, because I think Barkingburg sounds as its residents will be animals. (read below to know what I think about it).Sweetie could perhaps have some assistant, in order to achieve their plans. 

2terhaps it is the place of origin of the puppies That can talk. In other words, maybe the creators want to Explain Where they come from the PAW patrol, as other animals in the show can not speak.   about location, Perhaps it happens is a magical kingdom, and only when something unusual happens Appears, like the magical moon for Mer other words perhaps not always there, it appears only if a conditional are met .

¿Or a dream ?

I mean a dream that continues in several episodes,  could be that every dream is of a different puppy, or All have the same dream. 

as the place is called Barkingburg, I think that its residents will be dogs who can speak, and maybe some other animals like cats,if it is also a lot of new puppies might appear, not necessarily PAW patrol members

3. Sea Patroller, I think this is best for the show continue as now, because  the  sea mision looks more  like clasic rescues , I say this because at no time was to announced anything that the PAW Patrol would use the Sea Patroller in Barkingburg 

NOTE remenver  this is only my teory  , and that i think about.i dont want to offend anyone pplease coment your opinion thanks for read

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