• Trakerjip

    new PAW patrol game

    November 18, 2017 by Trakerjip

    Great news!

    there are a new game  of paw patrol on nickjruk titled

    PAW patrol PAWsome missions

    in the game you can  play missions choosing  one of the 6 pups  in adventure bay or the castle of  Barkingburg.

    Pups also using his vehicles  driving around Adventure Bay  . 

    in the game you help the people of Adventure Bay like in the  show  chosig your favorite pup or make cool mission PAW .

    in my opinion its a PAWsome game wats your opinion?

    please coment

    list of the charactors in the game

    Adventure Bay:

    Mayor Goodway


    Mr. Porter

    Trein enginer


    Cap Turbot

    the Turtles

    Mission  PAW:





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  • Trakerjip

    this blog post ist just to say that is the  4th aniversary of PAW Patrol this week and also very soon will be the 100th episode so


       what you tink about ?

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  • Trakerjip

    PAW Patrol episode 100

    February 12, 2017 by Trakerjip

    PAW Patrol is going to have 100 episodes. Episode 22 of season 4 will be the number 100 of the show, which you think would happen on it ?

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  • Trakerjip

    Note this is my opinion about the Mission paw episode besed the toys, all the information its true and taken from toys, and i Know  maybe this dont apear inthe show but sometimes toys rebeal some upcoming thinks

    Posible  characters

    Besides  Swee tiethat been officially confirmed, in  Barkingburg there's the Earl,a Princess and her Royal cat. and  a ghost knight .

    Posible places of Barkingburg

    castle, Clok of Barkingburg,A bridge and a river.

    New vehicles

    my opinion

    acording wiht the book description and the toys:

    Chase is called to protect Barkingburg. Well at thispoint he is guard the royal coroun and apears a  ghost knight Chase Goes after him and at this point the mission is complicated and it is then when Chase asks his friends for help, then …

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  • Trakerjip

    this blog post is to write my complete theory as I think it could be the season 4. First, I think Barkingburg appear in the middle of the season 4 (EP14) like Tracker, or which might be an alternative place like the jungle.

    Now the 3 elements confirmed villain, place, vehicle:

    1. Sweetie, i thinks could replace aHumdinger and The Kitten Catastrophe Crew, or perhaps they could follow PAW Patrol to Barkingburg, then they would have two alternative villains, if that happens, I think that only would follow kittens, because I think Barkingburg sounds as its residents will be animals. (read below to know what I think about it).Sweetie could perhaps have some assistant, in order to achieve their plans. 

    2terhaps it is the place of origin of the pupp…

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