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    So I was watching "Parroting Pups' and taking some good scenes. But I stopped at these scenes... You know, that made me shock. I took the screenshots from the scenes, and showed it to my friend who is better at this series (I think). He said that there might be some scientific theories for that (Hahaha) and would check that. Minutes passed by, he came again and said "There is no absolute way for that."

    Is this a technical failure? Is it an alien abduction (To be honest, I said that to him) ? I don't know....

    I need some suggestions from you who know this series better than me (Considering I'm just 3 months knowing this series)

    Where has Carlos gone?

    PS: I let the screenshots with the duration details just to let you know that the scenes happen…

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    It Is TRUE That ...

    October 7, 2016 by TopBanter

    So today at my school I was discussing something with 2 girls. Here is the chat between us

    Them (I mean the girls, yes?) : So why did you still using Facebook? You are not in Instagram, Path, and so on.

    Me: Nah, that was for a page.

    Them: Umm... gamers page?

    Me: Nope

    Them: Game page? Unrealistic page? Glasses page? Men's page? ***** page?

    Me: Nah, nah.

    Them : C'mon. Tell me the page.

    Me: Nah, I won't. You won't know what I'm going to talk about.

    Them: Give us some clue.

    Me: Okay. The first one is there are few people who knows this.

    Them: Te***r*** page?

    Me: Are you joking?

    Them: Next one please.

    Me: Makes me happy.

    Them: It should be game. No other else.

    Me: I told you. It's not correct.

    Them: Another one?

    Me: Aired on TV.

    Them: What? TV? Hm... cooking clas…

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    September 23, 2016 by TopBanter

    23rd September 2016 : 18 videos collected!

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