Mission PAW Preview HD

Mission PAW in Barkingburg (coming in March)

Barkingburg looks very interesting and exciting from the preview I have seen. However, I would also enjoy that some underused characters like Fuzzy and Garbie get more screen time on the show. Barkingburg is a creative idea, it has a James Bond feel to it, as many have mentioned, but other than that, it still looks very exciting. It is a way to attract more people to PAW Patrol because this is a completely new twist on fairytales and the original show; there has been nothing like it in the other 3 Seasons. Fuzzy and Precious, along with Garbie and Bessie

Bessie, another underused character. It seems like there is room in the upcoming seasons to write more about these characters.

, are characters that we know almost nothing about because we have rarely seen them. If Spin Master and the writers were to release more episodes on them, we would get to know them better and thus upload more information about their personality onto the wiki.

What's your opinion - Barkingburg or Underused Characters? Leave a comment below.

If you have a suggestion about something else I should mention on this page or a new blog, I am open to ideas. I will take it into consideration. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee anything, but if the topic is relevant to something current or recent in PAW Patrol, I will likely write about it in my next post.

Underused character Fuzzy, only appears in 2 episodes.


Barkingburg, as seen in the Mission PAW preview.

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