• LPCDDude

    Here's Jim Gaffigan short.

    Ryder: Ok! Jim, get something Zuma can use from your 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.

    Jim: On it Ryder! (Takes a floaty out of the car and gives it to Zuma.)

    Ryder: Zuma, you and Rocky will go to the Flounder with your boats.

    Rocky and Zuma: On it Ryder!
    (Time card saying "After Cap'n Turbot got rescued".)
    Cap'n Turbot: Thanks pups! Especially you, Jim. That was you who portrayed Wally's Dad?
    Chase: Jim portrayed a walrus.
    Jim: No! I portrayed Wally Trollman's dad from another Nick Jr. show called Wallykazam!
    Ryder: Remember kids! Watch PAW Patrol and Wallykazam! on Nick and Nick Jr. (Ryder's phone rings. It's Katie.)
    Ryder: Hi Katie! What's wrong?
    Katie: Cali is stuck on my roof.
    Ryder: Don't worry! No job's too big! No pups too sma…

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