Okay, while I'm not at liberty to admit my age here, I will openly admit, I'm well beyond the intended age demographic of PAW Patrol.  But I'm young at heart, and I think that's what matters.  I once read what I thought was a very wise quote at deviantART some years back - "If you think watching cartoons is immature, then consider this - adults make 'em!"  But there's another element to consider.  A friend of mine, who's a local musician (a guitarist), is a huge fan of Elmo from Sesame Street - he can often be seen wearing an Elmo t-shirt, and he has various Elmo-themed merchandise.  He once told me that Elmo is his "drugs" - that being in the music industry is very high pressure, with a lot of rejection and difficult things to deal with from agents, etc. and that, for him, seeing Elmo on TV or whatever just makes him happy, and that's all he needs after a hard day; keeps him sane and off drugs.  I was thinking, it's a lot like that with me and PAW Patrol - after a hard day at work, or when things get to me, I can come home and watch PAW Patrol, and those pups just can't help but make me smile (especially Chase, always my favorite).  Of course, I love dogs, and the PAW Patrol pups are all so cute!  It's just such an innocent and safe show, and frankly, with all the violence and subject matter that's in shows/movies that are aimed at my particular age demographic, PAW Patrol is such a welcome haven from all that!  And one final thought: even though there's a lot of nostalgia from cartoons/shows/movies from my own generation, someday, PAW Patrol is going to be another generation's nostalgia.  So, all these things considered, if I'm ever asked if I'm too old for PAW Patrol, I can safely say - never! 

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