Having recently bought an all region DVD player, I've finally been able to get the DVDs of one of my favorite childhood cartoons, "The Raccoons", as so far it's only available in region 2 format, despite the fact that it was a Canadian cartoon.  However, I thought about it, and there are actually several similarities between The Raccoons and PAW Patrol, aside from both cartoons being made in Canada,  Consider these:

Both series had an episode where the main cast form a rock band.

Both series had an episode where the main characters participate in a vehicle race.

Both series had several sports themed episodes.

One of Ralph Raccoon's relatives is French (I can't remember now if it was George or Nicole Raccoon), just like Captain Turbot's cousin, Francois.

PAW Patrol's main theme is being a helpful part of the community, and friends working together.  The Raccoons had very similar themes, about friends working together, as well as helping the community - each episode involved some sort of moral, whether friendship, helping others, etc.

The Raccoons was one of the first cartoons to address helping to save the environment, such as cleaning up garbage, saving the wetlands, etc.  Similarily, PAW Patrol, often involves environmental themes, such as Rocky being a recycling pup and re-using things, cleaning up Adventure Bay so they have the cleanest town, cleaning an oil spill, etc.  (On that theme, in the aforementioned race episode of The Raccoons,  Bert Raccoon drives a solar-powered race car).

As a footnote, (and to point out an irony), in The Raccoons, Ralph & Melissa Raccoon have a puppy, Broo.  In PAW Patrol, Ms. Marjorie has a pet raccoon, Maynard!

I may add more to this blog post as I think of more similarities, but for now, these are what I came up with.  My memory will be more refreshed as I watch more episodes.

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