Since I started watching Season 2 of PAW Patrol, I've loved how some of the pups have gotten some sort of upgrade to their equipment, and I love the addition of Everest to the team!

Despite all that I read in the comments for both the characters and the episodes, I have been getting more and more interested in what Ryder and the team will be getting into within the rest of Season 2 since it has not debuted yet.

After what we've seen so far, what does anyone think of Season 2 of PAW Patrol in general? Is it more exciting than Season 1? Now that Ryder and the team can do emergencies outside of Adventure Bay, what new locations might we see, both in and outside of their hometown? With so few episodes with Everest in them, will we see more winter-themed ones that involve her help with completing the mission?

So many questions, the excitement is driving me crazy!

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