Hi people, SirBlaze here. Pretty soon, there is a good chance I am starting back real school (I was homeschooled) 

In case this does happen, I need someone to record the new episodes the day they premiere, and send them to me via MEGA.

My method is:

  • Recording the episode on a blank DVD, in best quality (VCR/DVD Recorder combo required)
  • Converting DVD file to MP4 using Freemake Video Converter afterwards
  • Upload file to
  • Sending file link to me so I can take screenshots

Please keep in mind that if you regularly attend school, then it won't work. I need someone who doesn't attend, or is homeschooled to do it.

Is anybody up for it? If I end up going back to school and nobody volunteers, we may not have episode screencaps or information until weeks after it premieres, when it shows up on Torrent sites.

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