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  • SirBlaze

    Good afternoon, fellow PAW Patrol fans!

    It's finally Christmas Eve, and tomorrow will be Christmas. It's crazy how quickly this year ended. Right now, I'm watching one of my all-time favorite PAW Patrol episodes, "Pups Save Christmas". I can't believe it's already been four years since that episode premiered.

    So, since Christmas Day is just hours away, what are you wanting the most for Christmas? To name a couple of things, my biggest requests are an Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition, and a 4K TV to go with it.

    I'm really curious to hear what all of you want for Christmas. On behalf of the entire PAW Patrol Wiki administration, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2018!

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  • SirBlaze

    Hello to my fellow PAW Patrol Wiki editors!

    Today I am launching the first wiki-wide vote on a move I've been wanting to make on our wiki for a long time.

    I've noticed that primary gallery pages such as Marshall/Gallery have been so badly flooded with images that the page creates severe lag for users such as myself. There are hundreds upon thousands of images on a single page such as the one mentioned, not to mention the constantly-growing list of separate sub-gallery pages such as Chase's Gallery/Pups Save a Floundering Francois.

    To minimize lag and maximize performance of our primary gallery pages, I want to remove all images on every primary gallery page for characters, and instead have each of the pages only contain the list of sub-galler…

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  • SirBlaze

    My third anniversary here

    December 20, 2016 by SirBlaze

    Today marks 3 years since I first contributed to the PAW Patrol Wiki.

    It was so different during that time period; and I'm not just talking about our wiki. The show, the people, Wikia, just life in general. It was a special time period for me. Just a month and one week after joining this wiki, while watching the 2014 Royal Rumble, I opened my email to see that my user rights had been changed to administrative status. I was so happy and equally shocked. I had never been an admin of a wiki until this point. About 2-3 months later, I was given full authority of the website. Ever since December 19, 2013, I have tried my absolute best to help make this wiki one of the best wikis in the entire Fandom database, and I truly believe we've done that.…

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  • SirBlaze

    Welcome to the PAW Patrol Wiki's suggestions & improvement requests page. Here, you can make a comment requesting a change for a page that may be protected due to past vandalism or other reason. You can also suggest general improvements for the wiki's appearance or inform us of a problem you may be seeing on the wiki. If necessary, you can also inform us of someone who may be violating one of our guidelines.

    Not sure how or what to edit? See our editing stencils located in the blue box above. For any other questions or concerns, please contact one of our admins and they should be able to help.

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  • SirBlaze

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have done it. I have officially retrieved the badge I have always wanted since I first joined this Wiki in January 2014. As of now, I have contributed to this wonderful Wiki for a full year! I feel so accomplished and happy. Tonight has been a near-perfect night for me already, and remembering about this was icing on the cake.

    When I first joined the PAW Patrol Wiki, it looked like this:

    And now, after I came into the picture, it looks like this:

    Look at how beautiful it is. This is all thanks to us. Not only me, but every single person who has pressed "edit" and "publish" on a page! The commenters, visitors, admins, you name it! I want to thank everyone for tolerating me during my time here. I'm not leaving, however I do…

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