• Shamurocks01

    Hi guys! I know it's late but I wanna announce tomorrow is Earth Day and it's also my birthday! I will be turning 10 years old and I got a Marshall birthday cake cake, since he's my second favorite pup making the first one Skye. I will also have a party which will be PAW Patrol themed! (Hopefully is my sisters friends laugh, they're gonna get out!) But anyways, I'll try to print the party hats and the popcorn hats.

    See you tomorrow on the wiki! -Shamurocks01,

    P.S, I'm still working on my wiki: Shamu and his Crew Wiki.

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  • Shamurocks01


    February 23, 2014 by Shamurocks01

    Hi. I'm Shamurocks01 ( aka Sydney) Yet, though I just came, I'm working to help SeaWorld since two flims, or should I say, two propagandas, called "BlackFish" and "The Cove" both lie and claim to not go to any Seaworlds, and to set the animals free, they forgot Keiko, the whale in the movie "Free Wily", and died after getting set free. 

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