Hey, Paw patrol Fans! Summer is finally here, and today I am going to be talking about a brand new gear that is coming out next month. As a bonus, I am going to talk about the new vehicle along with the gear. So, as you all know that there is going to be a brand new paw patrol episode special in July. In this new paw patrol episode the pups will go adventures under the sea, meet new characters, go to new places, and even meet a new puppy. Anyway, let's start shall we.

I've seen the promo of the sea patrol and I saw the pups have new gear. This gear allowed the pups go under the sea for a mission, rescue or even a clean up under the sea. Each of the pups has the same light blue as a secondary color in gear but each pup has a primary color. For example...

Marshall- red ( yellow with red for marshall's secondary gear)

Rubble- yellow ( black with yellow for rubble's secondary gear)

Chase- dark blue (lightish/mediumish yellow with the dark blue for chase's secondary gear)

Rocky- green (light orange for rocky's secondary gear)

Zuma- orange ( navy blue with orange for zuma's secondary gear)

Last but not least, my favorite pup...

Skye- pink ( light pink with the regular pink for skye's secondary gear)

These are the main color in there gear with light blue is just the trim or second color on it. This gear is probably based off of Zuma's water rescue gear because since he's the only water pup on the team and my guess is that ryder thinks that zuma needs an extra set of helping paws, just like skye and chase for the air rescue pups and mission paw gear. So, ryder decide to make the sea patrol gear for the other pups including Zuma, himself. Not to mention the other gear they wore if not in sea. The pups wear different style hats. And now, the moment you have ever been waiting for. The newest vehicle, THE SEA PATROL!!!!! This is one of the new vehicles that ryder made. From Paw patroller to Mission PAW cruiser, this new vehicle can go on both land and sea. From what I've seen, it's a very big boat and is the lookout on the sea. So there you have it, tuned in for next week's puppy post mission paw style.

This Sapphire Icestorm 15 saying if you excited for the new paw patrol sea patrol, then say ready, set, get wet!

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