Hey, Paw patrol fans! Before we begin, I would like to apologize again for not doing puppy post last Thursday before I was busy redoing my room. A special announcement, since their is only 3 weeks left until school starts so I changing puppy post either Thursday after school, Friday after school or Saturday. I can puppy post on thursday either on early release or school break. Anyway, let's get started. Today i'll be talking about Chase. He's age is 7, the same age as Skye. His paw patrol member # is 2, his job is traffic cop pup and super-spy in season 2. He's the most mature and serious member of the group, he likes being loyal to ryder and play games with the other pups when their is no emergencies. Chase likes taking charge and is second in command if ryder is in trouble according to "Pups Save ryder". His best friend is Marshall, he treats rocky, Zuma, rubble and tracker like a brother to him, everest Is like a sister to her and skye... well, let's just say he has a special feeling for her, if you all know what I mean. His birthday was on November 12, according to "Pups turned on the lights". Chase have different outfits he wears and they are...

1.Regular police uniform   

2.Super Chase (halloween)

3.Rubble's hardhat (temporary)

4.Clown costume

5.Super spy chase

6.Adventure bay all-stars basketball uniform (police hat and pup pack, temporary)

7.Medieval outfit

8.Regular police uniform with police helmet

9.Uniform top only

10.Collar only 

11.Snowboard gear

12.Uniform and pup pack only

13. Uniform and hat only

14.Regular police uniform with Christmas hat

15.Uniform top only with winter hat

16.Cowboy hat and bandana 

17.Super spy chase with cowboy hat and bandana 

18.Martial arts uniform 

19.Martial arts uniform along with spy gear

20.Flying gear

21.Superhero outfit 


23.Mission Paw uniform 

24.Safari outfit

25.Sports outfit

26.Collar only with skye's bathing cap

27.Sea patrol: lifeguard gear

28.Sea patrol: Scuba gear

He has 28 attires in total, before we warp this up in got one more thing to say about chase. He can sometimes show his emotional sides during certain missions but always denying it with his serious side. That's all the time I have today, tunes in next time to talk about Adventure Beach.

This Sapphire Icestorm 15 saying these paws uphold the laws.

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