Hey, Paw patrol fans! This summer I going to be doing Puppy Post. Puppy Post is place where I talk about the characters, gears, locations, villains and certain occasions, talk about each of the pups interactions with the other pups. I'll try to see if I can post the first puppy post this thrusday. I'll give you a few hints on what my first post will be: "It's the paw patrol's 3rd themed gear from one of the pups, they'll have a new vehicle that can go for both land and sea, and it's a TV special that is coming next month. Which gear am I and from which pup is based off of?" If you know the answer, please write In the comment box. 

This is Sapphire icestorm 15 saying let's dive in to Summer!

Happy summer to everyone in the paw patrol wiki.

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