We all know the air patroller is the paw patrol air Vehicle, But can it fly in real life? + Bonus part "is the air patroller really stealthy?"

So, i have done a little bit of a research on the software "SimplePlanes", and as i expected the plane is not stabilized (i used my a340 and reshaped the stabilizers very small)

The answer is.. Yes, under 430 MPH (i guess) ,But the plane isn't manuverable, because as you see, it has small stabilizers,and obviously, stabilizers stabilizes the plane, the airfoil is Symmetric and also, to lift it self off the ground (takeoff) it needs a big propulsion, or a big propeller, so that more air will be created and so the plane can liftoff, take a look at a V-22 Osprey, you see it has a big propeller, unless if the air patroller has a jet.

In the Mission Paw Air Patroller, the air patroller turns into stealth mode, which bounces the radar wave into another direction, (a non stealh plane bounces the radar wave back to the radar and tell if there is an airplane in that area), but you see, the air patroller has jets, which isn't stealthy enough, take a look at an F-22 Raptor or an F-35 Lightning II, it bounces radar waves to another direction, but in this case, only the fuselage and the wing is stealthy, while the engine is not, so i guess that's all i have to say, thanks for viewing this blog, and good bye, and have a great day


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