Hi there. In this page I'm going to post my own opinions about PAW Patrol. Firstly, I'm feel that I'm quite mature enough now. I stopped watching cartoons at 11 because I'm not interested as most cartoons doesn't entertaining for me anymore and since then, I'm focused on my own skill and hobby. Back in march 2016, I went to my friend's house and accidentially saw one of the PAW Patrol episodes, presumably Pups Save The Train. I didn't pay too much attention at the show because I was thought that it's just a kids show. Several weeks later, somehow I accidentally found a picture of Rocky and Marshall somewhere and I recognized it is from PAW Patrol so, I decided to find it out. Firstly, I went to find some images and some of them seems to be pretty nice and one of them brought me to this wikia. After that, I watched several episodes and find out that it looks very good and I like it.  You can see more about me in Here

Okay, back to the topic. Why PAW Patrol is interesting for me? My life seems to be pretty much boring and often I got a lot of stresses. I start my morning routine at 05:00 AM. My school starts at 06:45 AM and ends at 04:00 PM, 6 days a week. Learning 4 different languages, Math that full of weird symbols and letters which'll drive you crazy, History that'll blow your mind to remember all of them, Physics with lots of theories and formulas, homework that looks like exam, get to bed only after 10:00 PM and many more. Often these things make me really stressed out.

Before I know about PAW Patrol, I'm usually do my hobby to release my stress but now it seems not enough so I searched for other entertaiment and came up with PAW Patrol. For me, Waching PAW Patrol can be very calming and stress relieving and it seems to be the most effective way to relieve my stresses. Watching a bunch of cute, smart, playful and friendly talking pups is just so unique and really satisfying somehow. PAW Patrol always have their own way to makes me smile whatever just heard about it, staring at random PAW Patrol images or just watching it. I'm so glad that I've found this show and sure enough, I love this show and the point is this show is great for everyone no matter your age or anything else as long as you like it, you'll like it.  

That's it for now, Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.

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