Here is my Minecraft Lookout Map. I am planning to release it as a modpack on Tekkit and a direct download. Currently there is a unfinished bit fo the map, but I am planning hiding it. Also, there is a resource pack that I have customly made for it. It will be only avalable from this specific blog post, and the Tekkit website. I personally love opinions and would love to hear yours down in the comments, so don't be shy, if there is any part of the map that could use improvements let me know!

Tekkit Page: Coming Soon

Direct Download: Coming Soon

Resource Pack Only: Coming Soon

2015-05-02 10.48.58

Minecraft Tower Overview

2015-05-02 10.51.51

Minecraft Pups

2015-05-02 10.49.18

Lobby in Minecraft

2015-05-02 10.52.12

Minecraft Observatory

2015-05-02 14.01.56

The Minecraft Start Screen that is PAW Patrol Themed

P.S. I want to start a Minecraft server where minecrafters can go and help me to build Adventure Bay! There will be more information in another blog post.

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