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  • RockyFan32

    More Trivia Sites

    April 30, 2016 by RockyFan32

    With the Success of the Kahoot! trivia page, I have been working on a trivia page for Trivia Crack Kingdoms. It currently has about 400 followers, and I am constantly maintaining it. If you just search paw_patrol in the search box, you will find it.

    Here are some images of it to show off :)

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  • RockyFan32

    I have made a PAW Patrol themed Kahoot!, using the alias brownnick32 (Notice the "32" is the same). The Kahoot has 50 questions at this current point. It is not very difficult if you browse this wiki every one in a while.

    Here is the link: 


    Update Information:

    • Added Questions to the End
    • Rearranged the Questions
    • Added a photo for every question
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  • RockyFan32

    Here is my Minecraft Lookout Map. I am planning to release it as a modpack on Tekkit and a direct download. Currently there is a unfinished bit fo the map, but I am planning hiding it. Also, there is a resource pack that I have customly made for it. It will be only avalable from this specific blog post, and the Tekkit website. I personally love opinions and would love to hear yours down in the comments, so don't be shy, if there is any part of the map that could use improvements let me know!

    Tekkit Page: Coming Soon

    Direct Download: Coming Soon

    Resource Pack Only: Coming Soon

    P.S. I want to start a Minecraft server where minecrafters can go and help me to build Adventure Bay! There will be more information in another blog post.

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