First of all, hello to everyone on the wiki.

I'm familiar with the category systems on Wikipedia and some major TV show wikias, but this wiki's categories are like nothing I've ever seen before. Could someone please explain this wiki's category system to me? Below are a few inconsistencies and confusing categories that I've noticed...

  • Marshall/Toys only has one category ("PAW Patrol Member Toys"). Shouldn't it match the toy template at the bottom of the page, which divides them by pup/other animal/human/location? The same goes for the voice actor pages, like Gage Munroe. There are four categories on that page: "Teen VAs", "Male VAs", "Voices Marshall" and "Main Original VAs". Wouldn't it be easier to have the categories match the template, which divides the actors by age (child/teenager/adult)? Some of the other categories also don't seem very useful at all, like "Creator". There is only one page in there, Keith Chapman. Shouldn't he be in some kind of "Crew" category?
  • Marshall's Gallery/Pup Pup and Away has “(E) Away’s Protagonist Galleries” on it. I clicked on the category itself, but it doesn’t explain what “(E)” means. Why is “(E) Protagonist Galleries“ being used in place of something simpler, like “Marshall's Season 1 Galleries“? (Not to mention that it calls Marshall a “protagonist”, despite how there can only be one protagonist…I pointed this out to SirBlaze already, and he was kind enough to fix the main character pages. Hundreds of gallery pages and appearance pages still use "Protagonist", though.)
  • Also, Parrot (rock formation) has "Minor Domains Outside of AB” on it. It took me a while to grasp that “AB” stood for Adventure Bay…I feel dumb for not realizing that right away, but seriously, the categories are outlandish to me. Why is Adventure Bay not spelled out? And what determines that it’s outside of Adventure Bay? I could have sworn that it was located in a wooded area of Adventure Bay in “Pups and the Pirate Treasure”. To add onto that, the “Domains Outside of AB” pages are the only location pages with “minor/major” tags. For example, Farmer Yumi's Pond has “Locations”, “Natural Domains of AB”, and “Bodies of Water”. Why isn't a category like “Minor Domains Inside of AB” on there?
  • Lastly, I'd like to apologize for writing such a long, negative post...sorry about that. I'm just completely confused. Other users unfamiliar with the category system probably don't understand it, either.