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  • Raimbau

    Re: Categories

    August 19, 2016 by Raimbau

    Hello all. I was expecting maybe one or two users to comment on my last blog post about categories, but I ended up with five comments from many different people, all of which agreed that the category system was too confusing. Judging by the comments from SirBlaze and Tbrays30, the community would be benefitted by getting the old category system back. I really have nothing better to do, so would it be possible for me to help restore the categories that used to be on each page? While it looks sort of time-consuming (which I don't mind), it doesn't seem to be very difficult; I could just look at each page's history and replace the complex categories with the old ones. Of course, I would need the approval of the overall authority and anyone el…

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  • Raimbau


    August 17, 2016 by Raimbau

    First of all, hello to everyone on the wiki.

    I'm familiar with the category systems on Wikipedia and some major TV show wikias, but this wiki's categories are like nothing I've ever seen before. Could someone please explain this wiki's category system to me? Below are a few inconsistencies and confusing categories that I've noticed...

    • Marshall/Toys only has one category ("PAW Patrol Member Toys"). Shouldn't it match the toy template at the bottom of the page, which divides them by pup/other animal/human/location? The same goes for the voice actor pages, like Gage Munroe. There are four categories on that page: "Teen VAs", "Male VAs", "Voices Marshall" and "Main Original VAs". Wouldn't it be easier to have the categories match the template, w…
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