We have all had bad teachers.but I had one of the worst yet.last year ugh. So we have this thing in my old class room called red yellow green light and ,so if you were to misbehave you would go yellow that mean that you wouldn't get a stamp that day if you got twenty stamps on your card you would earn a fun privilege .so ok I'm waiting time .so we were at assembly and me and my friend were apparently " causing a distraction" so she's staring at us for like hmm probably a minute or so. And I just want to note that my mom was AT the assembly RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Now my teachers pretty chill so my old teacher talked to my teacher and she just shrugged and said, "well um I guess stop doing whatever your doing"so we stopped and after the assembly my old teacher was like can I have a word with you so I walk over there and we stare at each other awkwardly,I say this so um why am I here she YELLS YOUR SO DISRESPECTFUL then she walked me up to my class room and was holding my hand .#disturbed then walks in to my class room still holding my hand IN FRONT OF MY WHOLE CLASS and my old teacher says she's so disrespectful so ended up in detention for leaning In my chair so yep still dead inside 

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