Ok so ZumaChaseMarshall is actually a person I know from school but is not friends with. He kept telling me he was super pissed off because of the ban/block and asked me to fix it and I put the truth down! He was pretending to be me and I'm not female but he put my favorite classes, my periods in order and what grades I semi-had straight A's went to all A's and one B in Algebra which changed a day later back to an A. So yes I'm the straight A freshman (14) at Taft High School while he's a freshman in different classes but my first period class which is computer science. That's the only way I know the guy and he's also one of the many students that is in "love" with my Computer Science teacher (meaning deeply in love) and yeah. So don't believe anything that ZumaChaseMarshall says or does, he's lieing to us all. Plus his likes and dislikes were mine. He was literally copying me! Just trying to clear things up everyone! 

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