Hey guys!

I wanted to do something fun with you guys. I figured since season three is wrapping up soon. I was wondering who do you guys feel was the best of this season? Cause, we know the four the were the most featured were Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, and Chase. If I had to choose between the four. I'd probably have to go with Rocky and here's why for the last two seasons. Rocky was kind of pushed behind Marshall, Chase and Rubble. But, this season it just seems Rocky has been the one that stood out the most to me. I feel maybe it's just me but, I feel fans are getting a little burnt out with Marshall, Chase and Rubble always being the center of attention. That for once a character that wasn't really focused on much finally got the limelight. So, yeah I'd have to say and this is only my opinion but, I'd have to say Rocky is definitely the Best Pup of Season Three. I'd also have to say Samuel Faraci did a very good job this season as Rocky. I mean his voice will never be Stuart Ralston. But, I do like what he is doing with Rocky currently though. He's given Rocky a new energy about him now. He's also made Rocky a little more funnier actually with certain ways he acts now. But, enough of me rambling. Give me your thoughts and tell me who you feel was the best pup of season three?

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