After the events that took place today. I am here to say that I hearby leave the PAW Patrol wiki and fandom. It was a nice ride. But, knowing how people see me as now I can't stay. Plus, knowing how the voice talents think of me now I can't watch this show without thinking they think I'm some kind of monster. It breaks my heart cause, I loved PAW Patrol with all my heart. But, I am just so broken and crushed and I have no other choice but to leave the fandom and stop watching now. The monster, the freak is leaving you no longer have to worry about me posting random comments anymore. I've come to the realization I really don't have a place in this world. It's clear I was an accident and have no purpose anywhere. So, with that said. Goodbye, PAW Patrol I'll never forget you or the awesome characters I was lucky enough to see. To Alex Thorne, Berkley Silverman, Drew Davis and anyone else I hurt or creeped out. I am deeply sorry for everything. I never inteded to be creepy in fact, I always tried to do the opposite but, I failed like usual. I always fail at everything I do. 

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