I would just like to say sorry for how I have been acting on here the last few days. It was wrong of me to behave like this. I'm sorry if I have damaged the wiki in anyway. As people know I do generally love PAW Patrol a lot. And, would never want to do anything to hurt it's fandom or, the cast, or anything. I've just been going through a rough patch and I'm not the best at holding in my emotions some times. I am sorry for overreacting over the whole being called a "pedophile" but, I understand you were all just looking out for the well being of those kids. And, it's very understandable. But, I want you to know, and them to know. That I am not a sexual predator. I am not physically attracted to children. I became a fan of them just because, well I love the characters so much. And, they just come across as so genunine you just want to meet them and chill out with them. It's nothing more than just that for me in my head. I know, my butt and fart stuff doesn't help my cause either. And, going to try and tone that done from now on. From this point forward after this blog. I won't post angry, or depressing blogs. And, I won't ever again bring up the pups farting or the butt gags that occasionally happen to them on the show. I am truly very sorry to each and every member of the wiki. I just want to start from scratch and pretend this whole thing never happened. I am going to change my account just so, I can start fresh and new. I am now going to be called TLGFan83 cause, Disney's Lion Guard is my second favorite show on TV right now actually. Again I wanted to apologize to @VoiceOfRaisin for making him feel unsafe and concerned about me. He needs to know, I'm not a bad person. Just a person that does have emotional issues and sometimes clingy issues. But, I assure you I am going to get the help I need and I just want full support from you guys. I'm going to need it. To everyone here, thank you for showing me the cold hard truth and that I do need to change.

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