Okay, we're pretty much now three seasons through PAW Patrol and about to start Season Four. Which has me thinking. When you look back at all the seasons together. Who would you guys say are the two most cutest characters on the show? For me it's Marshall and Rocky, why I picked these two is cause well, I love Marshall. I just love his personality and he's also a very good looking pup as well and no I'm not attracted to him. But, I can admit he is very handsome for a cartoon dog. And, I picked Rocky as well, cause really ever since season one all the way to now. Rocky just is a total package. He has by far a very good personality. You know he's kind of a nerd but at the same time has probably one of the best personalities on the show. If you want to introduce new fans to the show and want to know who Rocky is just go back and look at two episodes "Puptacular" and "Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt" Cause, those two episodes pretty much tell you in a nutshell what an awesome and adorable character he is. Now reason he isn't higher on everyone's list is cause, when most people view this show. They mostly see the show centered around Marshall, Chase and Rubble. But, when you really watch this show. Rocky just stands out. And, another pup I feel is he's one of the best looking overall pups on the show. I don't know were the writers trying to play to the furry community when desiging them? LOL Plus, the thing that makes Rocky great is the mystery behind his breed. We know he's a mix breed but, the fun part is trying to figure out what breeds he is mixed with. Plus, let's admit he's had two very talented voice actors voice him in Stuart Ralston and now Samuel Faraci who is really coming into his own. Another thing I like about what Samuel is they really didn't have to change Rocky's personality or style to fit Samuel Faraci's needs. I get the feeling he just comes into work and just has a ball doing this character. 

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