Answer me a question guys? Do you hate me? Am I really a bad person that should just leave the internet for good? I know, I have made mistakes on my old account on here. Like, talking about fart and butt related things. But, those were never meant to be anything more than a gag. Plus, I only talked about the butt gags cause, well it's mostly the shows fault for even putting those gags in, in the first place. The fart comments were only meant to be ice breaker type of thing. People need to realize I am a very shy person sometimes. That when it comes to saying things I freeze up and just say what comes to mind. I know it bites me in the butt sometimes. I also made a mistake with that blog I wrote about the PAW Patrol actors being a bunch of brats. Which I can't apologize enough for. That was me writing something at the heat of the moment when I was feeling very sad, depressed and angry about being ignored by a lot of people. People need to realize I love PAW Patrol it is my favorite thing in the world. And, getting ignored on twitter by some of the actors really hurt me. And, sadly I reacted the wrong way. But, people need to realize I am a very sensitive person I just want to be nice to people. But, maybe that's another thing maybe me being nice and friendly is bad? But, it's who I am. I really am a nice person I am no phony and don't have a motive behind me for being nice. Maybe I'm just too old school to be online. It's like I'm out of touch or something. I don't know. 

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