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  • I live in Columbus, Ohio
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is freelance digital media artist
  • I am male
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    Where to begin?

    October 5, 2015 by Ian16545

    PLEASE NOTE: This is my first blog entry, so ease up on me.

    Hiya, out there in PAW Patrol Country! Like some of you, I'm rather new to the series—having seen some promos here and there on TV, reading fanfics on the PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki, and watching various YouTube videos of the show (mainly by way of YouTube Poop). But after seeing a few episodes of this back to back, I've grown to like this very, very much—which probably goes without saying.

    My favorite pups are, of course, Marshall and Chase. I can easily relate to Marshall, because I can be rather awkward and goofy at even the slightest moment. On the other hand, like Chase, I always like to lend a hand to anyone in need (hence my volunteering).

    All in all, with stellar voice acting, kil…

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