Hi Everypup! I thought I comeby and wish you all a Happy Anniversary. On this day one year ago, PAW Patrol premiered for the first time ever! Now PAW Patrol has been around for one whole year!

PAW Patrol has one more episode of Season 1 left, and they already have their own DVD, App game, and toy line.

Let's get ready for another grrreat year with the pups and see what they have in store for Season 2!

Oh! And don't forget to check out the PAW Patrol Fanon and see what stories or fellow fans are coming up with.

If you really feel like getting a scare, go to the PAW Patrol Creepypasta sight, but beware...... betwitching siite... (owl hoots and wolf howls)

Well, see y'all around and have a great anniversary for the 6 pups.... Oh! and Ryder of course!

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