Hey, guys! It's me. (Oh dear me, I don't much time to spare...) Listen, I saw a special TV movie recently called Lucky Duck.

It's about a rubber ducky named Lucky, who can't squeak and treated like a reject by the other tub toys, especially a Shark toy. He meets Snap, a shy squirt-turtle who can't squirt, and Flo, a diva pink squeak hippo who has a blue eye and a green eyes. Later, all the tub toys are knocked off the boat during the storm. In this musical adventure, Lucky and his two best friends prove that being different makes you special, bullying is not nice, friendships grow overtime, and that you should never give up on your dreams no matter what.

Why do I bring it up? Well, Gage Munroe, who plays Marshall, plays the roll of Danny, a boy who is a bit of a klutz. (How about that, huh?)

Anyways, here are some links a promo and all the song videos I uploaded.

Whoops! Got things to do! Gotta hurry, hurry, hurry! Bye! TTFN! Ta-Ta-For-Now! Toodles! Toodle-loo! So long! (And look for me and my stories on the Fanon Wikias for PAW Patrol and Team Umizoomi!)

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