Well then i will give my thoughts what is the prediction This Special Episode will premiere in 9 days to go and the thoughts was resources from me :

1.Skye,maybe Sweetie will fight against her but to point is Skye is a Princess Pup cause her color eyes was different than any pups.

2.Barkingburg Kingdom,it will locate in London cause England have a Big Ben,Castle,and big Bridge.Most Important from Canada to England it will took 2 days of flight when we use airplane.

3.Pup-Packs,for this prediction Marshall,Rocky,Rubble,Zuma,and Skye will have 1st the Spy Pup Pack instead Chase only use Night Vision Goggles.

4.Will Everest and Tracker join the Mission Paw with alongside 6 pups ?,but unfortunelly i will say no cause to pick up Everest and Tracker it's too far away.

So this is my thoughts about Mission Paw : Quest for the Crown,hopefully rating this episode will high than Full Episode in Season 1,2,and 3

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