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  • Finnyrf212

    After we have 2 Episode of Mission Paw, I don't know it was Mission Paw last Episode or there is. This is my thoughts of Mission Paw will premiere in May 26th

    1.As well, I saw the summary of the Episode. Sweetie will across the world 

    2.To the point, Skye will 3rd time against Sweetie just like 2 episode but this is will awesome once again

    3.If Everest and Tracker will join Mission Paw ? I will say still no,maybe they will help the Paw Patrol to catch Sweetie.

    Ok,This is my all thoughts again sorry waiting you so long,Bye !

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  • Finnyrf212

    Dear all Wikia users,

    I will reveal my wikia in my Instagram in 1 month cause this is my chance to get 1K Followers on my Instagram and i need pray from all Paw Patrol Fans cause this is so important in next 1 month to go

    Sincerely Yours,


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  • Finnyrf212

    Well then after 2 days Mission Paw was premiere my thoughts was right check out my blog "All Thoughts About Mission Paw" so the poin 1 to 4 was right :

    1.Poin 1 : Correct,Skye fight against Sweetie

    2.Poin 2 : Correct,Barkingburg is in London

    3.Poin 3 : Correct,Their will get the pup-packs then Chase

    4.Poin 4 : Correct,Everest and Tracker don't join the Mission Paw

    So this is my thoughts is correct and next "All Thoughts about Mission Paw : Royally Spooked !"

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  • Finnyrf212

    Well then i will give my thoughts what is the prediction This Special Episode will premiere in 9 days to go and the thoughts was resources from me :

    1.Skye,maybe Sweetie will fight against her but to point is Skye is a Princess Pup cause her color eyes was different than any pups.

    2.Barkingburg Kingdom,it will locate in London cause England have a Big Ben,Castle,and big Bridge.Most Important from Canada to England it will took 2 days of flight when we use airplane.

    3.Pup-Packs,for this prediction Marshall,Rocky,Rubble,Zuma,and Skye will have 1st the Spy Pup Pack instead Chase only use Night Vision Goggles.

    4.Will Everest and Tracker join the Mission Paw with alongside 6 pups ?,but unfortunelly i will say no cause to pick up Everest and Tracker…

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