Maybe some any Paw Patrol fans says "Sweetie is the Princess Pup" But this is my prediction Skye is a Princess Pup.Maybe some people why Finny says that it's not fair Skye is Princess too let me give some reason why i said Skye is a Princess Pup.

1.Only Skye have a different eye colors than other pups like Chase he have brown eyes or Rocky,Rubble,and Tracker have Gaia eyes.

2.Sweetie has a same different color is a purple eyes and Skye has a magenta eyes

3.But the theory is In Mission Paw Skye will fight against Sweetie to save the crown

Ok,this is my prediction on Mission Paw : Quest for the Crown thanks for stopping by....and this is my 1st Blog !! On Paw Patrol Wikia

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