Friends, Romans, members of the Pawpulation, lend me your ears...

So, I've been here for almost a week and I've gotta tell you, this place is great. I've met a lot of great people, and began to enjoy myself.

I want to let you know a little more of how I came across the PAW Patrol, since one or two people have asked. I used to be a Children's doctor and when you're treating children who are sick, it always helps to be able to have something you can talk about. Some things children take in their stride, but now and again, they can be really frightened by something. You listen to your patients and learn some of the things they like - the PAW Patrol, My Little Pony, Caillou, Tabaluga and lots of other things.

I started recording episodes of PAW Patrol and those other shows, so I could watch them and discuss things - people tell me I'm odd at 43 watching children's cartoons; they're a lot better than some other things on TV, they're not harmful, they're not made to scare you or cause fear; they're fun, a little dramatic and exciting. Given a choice between shows like Lindenstraße or Coronation Street (soap operas from Germany and England), or watching kids shows, I know what I'd rather be doing :D

I know I'm an adult, and I don't know how many of the other users here are, but I'd like to say a big thank you for having me as part of your site.

"In dark of night, in light of day, we,

the PAW Patrol will serve adventure bay.

From runaway trains to stranded whales,

we'll rush to the rescue with wagging tails.

If danger is near, just give a yelp!

The PAW Patrol is here to help!"

BarkingFish (talk) 18:30, May 6, 2016 (UTC)

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