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  • Candy the Dog

    European Plush

    August 8, 2016 by Candy the Dog

    I was at a toy store a few weeks ago looking for PAW Patrol merchandise when I came across some cool plushies. They were made by a company known as 'Play By Play', which is known for their licensed plush toys including Looney Tunes and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I saw Rubble, Marshall and Zuma, but as it turns out they make Skye, Rocky, Chase and Everest too! Have some pictures.

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  • Candy the Dog

    As all you UK fans know, the new Argos catalogue is out which means there's some new merchandise on the way. Below is a gallery of all items pictured.

    There's a few other stuff as well but it's mainly common stuff. I'm pretty interested in the VTech stuff and the Pup 2 Hero playsets. 

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  • Candy the Dog

    Like most fans, I'm always looking for PAW Patrol merchandise online. But beneath the amazing, official products lays the dark side: Bootlegs. Everything from Action Pack figures to Real Talking plushies have been ripped off by people that want to make a profit, but it is still pretty easy to tell if they are fake.

    • Look at the paws. If the plushies have the paw prints at the bottom, then they will probably be real. If they don't, you have a faker. Keep it in mind I have seen fakes with paw prints, but they were printed on.
    • If they look off model and nothing like the show, you could have a faker. Bad paint jobs, poor stitching or even the wrong colours are signs that Spin Master did not make or license the product. I have seen terrible, terri…
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  • Candy the Dog

    I was trying to find out if there was a talking Zuma when I came across these pictures. I can't wait! He will probably have the 'try me' button on his badge rather than having to squeeze him. But anyway, here's some pictures.

    Looks cute, eh? I want one!

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