Quick facts about my life and how I came in touch with PAWPatrol

I live in Australia on a South-East island called Tasmania I have eaten kangaroo before and yes I feel really bad for doing so because there such cool animals :( My birthday is on the 20 of June I'm 14 I have passed English and spelling class, maybe not grammar class though.. I write books on a different site, but no I won't tell you what site, you will just have to find out.. Soz

I'm 14 and yes I'm like addicted to PawPatrol XD nothing wrong with that though.. Another thing I'm addicted to is this '...' I do it a lot and I'm sorry :P I found the show after watching my little brother watch it

That's it for that.. I understand that the rules on this site are strict and I respect every single one of the rules. If this somehow disobeys them then I apologise greatly.

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