Hello everyone, BeowulfDragonNightFury here, and I am back on the wiki. I apologise for not giving any warning about my inactiveness. I was pursuing another interest (Littlest Pet Shop, which I still am.). It seems this wiki has changed significantly since the last time I've been on it. The weekly polls, 2 extra character shortcuts on the main page, 2 new admins, it has changed a lot since I left. Anywho, how are you doing on this blessed day? I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new and fine people on this PAWsome wiki. Once again, I deeply apologise for my inactiveness, and will not make the same mistake again. Next time, I'll be sure to notify you all when I'll be inactive. Oh, remember my previous blog posts about EDM, well, that hasn't changed. I am looking forward to spend more time here and to meet new people. Thanks for reading!!!

PAW Patrol is on a roll!!!


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