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    Here's my bet:

    August 17, 2017 by 548950

    These 4 pups were in it for this summer's season of Big Brother 19.

    You won't know who they are to be made it but Chase, Marshall, Rocky, and Skye are in it to win.

    • Marshall - Alex
    • Rocky - Kevin
    • Skye - Raven
    • Chase - Cody

    Here's the thing:

    I want anyone but Cody winning Big Brother. I really hate him and his game. If he wins, I'm done for everything.

    Here's the bet:

    Bet: Entire PAW Patrol fandoms that I just invited to.

    If Cody wins (Chase wins), I'm quitting all of the fandoms, FOR GOOD!

    If anyone but him, I will remain the fandoms.

    I hope you will understand that. It's been 4 years but I have to do it in Big Brother for not letting me quit the PAW Patrol.

    Good luck and goodbye.

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  • 548950

    For more information about the characters, episodes, printable, and so much more, click the website [1] I hope they can save the day. If you have some trouble, just yelp for help because No jobs too big, No pups too small from the PAW Patrol!!!

    One thing, visit the official page []

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