Tracker Joins the Pups

PAW Patrol 315 Scene 45 Tracker


  • Tracker makes his debut in this episode.
  • Before its premiere, the episode was formerly known as "Pups and the Secret of the Monkey Queen!".
  • This is the 9th 22-minute episode.
  • The monkey temple ruin traps are a reference to Indiana Jones, notably by the coconut, tripwires, and trapdoors.
  • This is the first time the PAW Patrol pups are seen wearing jungle attire.
  • Mandy kisses Ryder for a second time.
  • This is the only time Tracker was seen without a uniform.
  • This is the second episode referencing King Arthur (by Mandy taking a golden banana out of a podium and crowned by the monkeys as queen).
    • The first episode referencing King Arthur is "Pups Save a Show" (featuring the play of Pups and the Round Table).


  • Tracker called the snake "Señor Serpiente", which is Spanish for "Mr. Snake". However, in "Parroting Pups", the snake had babies.
  • In the scene where the pups are playing around the beach in the beginning, Zuma is seen with his pup-pack. Later on, when Ryder is about to call the pups, Zuma is seen without his pup-pack, playing on the beach. In the next scene when Ryder is calling the pups, Zuma is found underwater with his pup-pack.