General Info

The Penguins are a group of penguins that sometimes appear in Adventure Bay and live in the snowy areas of the world.

Character Info

Penguins first appears in "Pups Save the Penguins", where they are accidentally transported to Adventure Bay by a an iceberg they happened to be floating on. They where discovered by Ryder, Chase, and Zuma after they began eating all the food on the Flounder. They where lured back to the iceberg with some of Cap'n Turbot's Squid Jerky and it was transported back to Antarctica by a freighter that was headed for the tip of South America.

In "The New Pup", Jake visited Antarctica and encountered several of them. Before Jake arrived and was saved from falling by Everest, the penguins where the only ones she ever had to rescue.

In "Pups Save a Stowaway", Jake and Everest return back to the South Pole to count them and invite the PAW Patrol to help. Cali ends up tagging along as well when she accidental ends up in the PAW Patroller. The Pups have a fun time hang out with the Penguins. After Cali is rescued from Everest's runaway Snowplow, they join the Pups, Jake, Ryder, and Cali around their campfire and several end up cuddling with Cali.

In "Pups Save the Pop-Up Penguins", several penguins end up stowing away in a train car carrying Mr. Porter's delivery of frozen fish and end up eating all the fish, which Mr. Porter discovers when he goes to pick up the delivery at the train station. The Penguin end up scattering all over Adventure Bay, forcing the PAW Patrol to round them up and get them back to a colder climate before they suffer heat stroke due to the summer heat.


The Penguins are generally friendly and playful, albeit a little mischievous. They love eating fish, krill, and squid jerky however like the seagulls, they occasionally cause or get into trouble while searching for their next meal. They enjoy the cold and snow, as well as playing cold weather games. Being semi-aquatic animals, they also enjoy swimming and playing in water. Due to being adapted to living in a cold climate, they generally prefer cold and wintery seasons, and do not do well if exposed to warmer climates and the heat of summer; as they can suffer heat stroke. In this scenario, some will seek out bodies of water such as swimming pools or bathtubs to keep cool.

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