This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "The New Pup" from Season 2, which premiered on October 18, 2014 in Canada, and on November 14, 2014 in the United States.

00:00:46 (Scene): (The episode begins with Chase and Zuma racing each other in their vehicle)
00:00:52 Marshall and Skye: (Howling and yelping)
00:00:55 Skye: Woohoo! Go, Chase! Go, Zuma!
00:00:58 Marshall: Yeah, go pups! (Flip off, but fall)
00:01:02 Marshall: That flip was kind of a flop.
00:01:04 Skye: (Laughing)
00:01:07 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:01:11 Chase: I've got you now.
00:01:12 Zuma: No way, dude.
00:01:13 Chase and Zuma: (Howling)
00:01:17 Rubble: It's a tie!
00:01:20 Chase and Zuma: Again? Catch you next time. (Laughing)
00:01:24 (Scene): (Ryder soon arrives and be ready for their trip)
00:01:29 Ryder: Hey, pups.
00:01:30 Rocky: Hi, Ryder. We're having a contest to see who's the fastest pup. But it keeps ending up a tie.
00:01:35 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:01:36 Skye: So, Ryder, where's the big surprise for our big trip?
00:01:41 Ryder: Check this out.
00:01:43 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:01:44 Rocky: I wonder what it is.
00:01:46 Skye: What could it be?
00:01:47 Rubble: I don't know.
00:01:48 Marshall: Is it food?
00:01:49 (Sound): (Truck honking)
00:01:50 (Music):
00:01:55 Zuma: Whoa!
00:01:58 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:02:01 Ryder: Say hello to the PAW Patroller.
00:02:03 Pups: (Pups cheering and howling)
00:02:07 Zuma: Totally awesome truck!
00:02:10 Chase: This is how we're going on our road trips?
00:02:12 Ryder: Yep. The Patroller is a lookout on wheels. It can take us anywhere.
00:02:17 Rubble: Sweet! Can we see inside?
00:02:20 Ryder: Sure. Come on!
00:02:21 Pups: (Pups howling and barking)
00:02:25 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:02:33 Ryder: Check it out.
00:02:34 Skye: Nice ride!
00:02:36 Marshall: Our pup houses go in there?
00:02:38 Ryder: Sure do. Come on. It gets even cooler.
00:02:46 Ryder: This is the hangout area. That's where you can lounge and play games.
00:02:50 Pups: (Exclaiming)
00:02:52 Ryder: And check this out: snack machines!
00:02:54 Marshall: Snacks too? What doesn't this truck have?
00:02:57 Ryder: Look, there's even a spot for my ATV.
00:03:00 Pups: (Exclaiming)
00:03:02 Ryder: (Beeping) And now for the best part. The cab is like the control room at the lookout.
00:03:07 Ryder: This is where I can assign you pups your jobs.
00:03:09 Marshall: Soft!
00:03:10 Skye: Comfy.
00:03:11 Zuma: Excellent.
00:03:12 Rubble: (Gasping) RoboDog!
00:03:16 Robo-Dog: (Beeping and barking)
00:03:17 Pups: (Exclaiming)
00:03:19 Ryder: RoboDog's programmed to drive the Patroller. Check this out: RoboDog, honk!
00:03:25 (Sound): (Honking)
00:03:27 Pups: (Howling)
00:03:30 Marshall: Loud!
00:03:31 (Scene): (Ryder receives call from Jake)
00:03:32 Ryder: Hang on, it's Jake. Watch this.
00:03:36 (Scene): (Ryder shows the big screen, so the pups can talk to Jake as well)
00:03:39 Marshall: A big screen! We can play Pup Pup Boogie!
00:03:42 Marshall: ♪ Do the Pup Pup Boogie! ♪
00:03:44 Ryder: (Laughing) Maybe later.
00:03:48 Ryder: (Beeping) Hey, Jake. How's the big trip going?
00:03:50 Jake: It's going amazing! Check it out!
00:03:54 Skye: Oh, penguins!
00:03:58 Jake: Oh, you'll see tons more when you and the pups get out here to the ice field.
00:04:02 Ryder: Awesome. The map's up on the screen right now.
00:04:05 Ryder: We input your phone signal into the navigator. That will make it easy to find you.
00:04:10 Jake: Totally.
00:04:11 Jake: Hey, and bring lots of eats. You get serious hungry out here. Speaking of, time for a tasty granola bar snack.
00:04:19 (Scene): (Then Jake puts his phone and grabs a granola bar, but…)
00:04:20 Jake: I… ooh… Whoops!
00:04:22 Ryder: Careful, Jake.
00:04:24 Jake: Oh, no! Hah!
00:04:29 Ryder: Uh-oh!
00:04:30 Pups: (Gasping)
00:04:31 Skye: Poor Jake!
00:04:32 Jake: I got it, got it!
00:03:35 (Scene): (But that’s too late, Jake gets his backpack and cellphone fall into the freeze water)
00:03:36 Ryder: Jake!
00:04:37 Jake: Oh, no… (Ryder loses contact with Jake)
00:04:40 Jake: I don't got it.
00:04:42 Rubble: Jake's in big trouble!
00:04:44 Ryder: Don't worry, we're on our way.
00:04:46 Rubble: But the phone fell in the water. And that's the signal we're using to track him.
00:04:50 Ryder: We saved his location on the map. The computer will give us the directions to get there.
00:04:57 Ryder: Pups, get your vehicles. It's time for a road trip.
00:05:01 Pups: (Cheering)
00:05:06 Ryder: Robo-Dog, let's roll!
00:05:09 (Sound): (Revving engine)
00:05:11 (Scene): (And everyone take their trip to Antarctica that far away from Adventure Bay)
00:05:24 (Scene): (Chase loads his vehicle into the PAW Patroller allowed by Rubble, Zuma, and Skye)
00:05:40 (Scene): (The scene back to the arctic)
00:05:41 Jake: Oh, my phone and everything gone! Deep under ice-cold water.
00:05:47 (Sound): (Ice cracking) (The ice is cracking and Jake is going to fall)
00:05:49 Jake: Whoa!
00:05:51 Jake: No!
00:05:53 Jake: (Panting) Huh?
00:05:55 (Scene): (But good think Jake saves by a young Husky puppy)
00:05:57 Jake: Ugh!
00:05:58 Puppy: Woohoo, I did it! I rescued someone!
00:06:03 Jake: Sweet save, pup! Thanks!
00:06:05 Puppy: I always wanted to do a real rescue. Sometimes I practice rescuing penguins. But they never say thank you. Or anything, except "Honk!"
00:06:15 Puppy: But that was great, uh...
00:06:17 Jake: I'm Jake.
00:06:18 Puppy: Hiya, Jake. I'm Everest.
00:06:20 Jake: (Laughing)
00:06:22 Jake: So Everest, do you know where I could find a phone around here?
00:06:25 Everest: No, but we should probably get going.
00:06:28 Jake: Why?
00:06:29 Everest: A storm's rolling in. I wouldn't want to lose my first real rescue in a blizzard.
00:06:34 Everest: Let's wait it out in my igloo. It's just a mile or two across the ice.
00:06:38 Jake: Do you have any hot cocoa in that igloo?
00:06:40 Everest: No, but I have some awesome liver-flavored tea.
00:06:43 Jake: (Laughing) Water will be fine.
00:06:46 (Scene): (They’re decide going to Igloo while the snowstorm came suddenly)
00:06:51 (Scene): (Meanwhile, the PAW Patroller enters the wintry woods en route to Jake’s position)
00:06:52 Ryder: Hope we can make it before the storm hits.
00:06:55 (Scene): (Wind howling)
00:06:56 Zuma: Yikes. It's nose-freezing cold out there.
00:07:00 (Scene): (Zuma and Rubble stick their head and tongue out from the window)
00:07:03 (Scene): (And they’re get some snow on their faces from the trees)
00:07:04 Rubble: Snowy, too!
00:07:06 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:07:09 (Scene): (The storm is getting hard and the road is getting slippery)
00:07:10 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:07:12 Ryder: Careful, Robo-Dog. It's a little icy. Slow down a bit.
00:07:16 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:07:20 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:07:23 Ryder: Great driving.
00:07:24 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:07:25 (Scene): (Back with Jake and Everest)
00:07:26 Everest: You doing okay back there, Jake?
00:07:28 Jake: Don't worry about me. My pals from the PAW Patrol are on the way.
00:07:31 Everest: I can't wait to meet them. It gets kind of lonely sometimes.
00:07:35 Everest: Hey, are you gonna stay around here? It would be great to have a friend nearby.
00:07:41 Jake: I'm just visiting. I've got a mountain back at Adventure Bay I've to look after.
00:07:46 Everest: (Sniffing)
00:07:48 Everest: Wind's picking up. We've got to get some shelter till your friends get here. Too bad you're not a pup.
00:07:53 Jake: Why is that?
00:07:54 Everest: So you can do this.
00:07:57 Everest: Whee!
00:07:59 Jake: Oh, you mean bellybogganing! Look out below!
00:08:05 Jake: Move over, pup. I'm a bellyboggan pro!
00:08:08 Penguins: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:08:10 Jake and Everest: Show-offs!
00:08:14 Jake: You've met your match, fur face.
00:08:17 Everest: Think so, huh? Well, I know a shortcut.
00:08:21 Everest: (Howling)
00:08:23 Everest: Whoa!
00:08:27 Penguins: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:08:33 Jake: Are you okay?
00:08:34 Everest: I'm better than okay. I'm a winner!
00:08:38 Jake and Everest: (Laughing)
00:08:41 Everest: We're fresh out of hill. Time to walk.
00:08:43 Jake: Lead the way.
00:08:46 (Scene): (Later on, Jake is starting to succumb to freezing and hypothermia from the blizzard)
00:08:48 Jake: (Shivering)
00:08:49 Everest: Sorry, igloo's still pretty far away.
00:08:51 Jake: (Shivering:) That's o… kay.
00:08:54 Everest: Poor Jake. You need to grow your own fur coat like me. But till then...
00:08:59 (Scene): (Everest starts dig the tunnel into the snow pile)
00:09:00 Jake: (Shivering:) Everest? What are you doing?
00:09:03 Everest: Digging, silly.
00:09:06 (Scene): (They’re stay in the cave until the storm passes)
00:09:11 Everest: We wouldn't have made it to my igloo. This should do it for now.
00:09:14 Jake: Excellent digging. It's nice and dry in here. And your coat's so awesomely warm.
00:09:20 Everest: The fleas think so, too.
00:09:22 Jake: Fleas?
00:09:23 Everest: Gotcha!
00:09:24 Jake: (Laughing)
00:09:26 (Sound): (Growling)
00:09:27 Jake: Uh-oh. Just what we need… bears.
00:09:31 Everest: Bears? We don't get a lot of bears around here.
00:09:34 (Sound): (Growling)
00:09:35 Jake: Uh, yeah, hear that?
00:09:39 Everest: That's no bear, that's just my tummy. It gets kind of growly when I'm hungry.
00:09:43 Jake: I've got just the thing. Granola bar.
00:09:46 Everest: (Gasping) Is it liver-flavored?
00:09:48 Jake: No, just plain… uh… granola.
00:09:51 Everest: Okay, thanks. (Munching)
00:09:57 Everest: Mm-mm! Yum-a-licious! I sure am glad I rescued you.
00:10:01 Jake: Aw. Me too, Everest. Me too.
00:10:05 Singing: ♪ 83 boxes of treats on the wall ♪
00:10:07 Singing: ♪ 83 boxes of treats ♪
00:10:09 Singing: ♪ Take one down, pass it around ♪
00:10:11 Singing: ♪ 82 boxes of treats on the wall ♪
00:10:14 Rocky: We almost there, Ryder?
00:10:16 Ryder: We're about 30 boxes of treats away.
00:10:20 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:10:21 Marshall: Whee!
00:10:23 Ryder: Maybe longer than 30 boxes of treats.
00:10:26 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:10:28 (Scene): (Outside, the penguins is playing belly slide)
00:10:29 Penguins: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:10:32 Skye: Yay! More penguins!
00:10:34 Zuma: Penguins? Are we near water?
00:10:38 Ryder: Hard to tell. Everything's covered in snow.
00:10:40 Zuma: Hey, penguins! Nice suit!
00:10:43 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:10:44 Pups: Whoa!
00:10:45 Ryder: This everybody's seat-belt on?
00:10:46 Chase: Yeah.
00:10:47 Marshall: I'm buckled in.
00:10:48 Rocky: I'm good, too.
00:10:49 Rubble: I'm buckled in.
00:10:50 Zuma: Yeah!
00:10:51 Skye: I'm good.
00:10:52 Ryder: Great. Now, easy, Robo-Dog. Just try to steer out of it.
00:10:57 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:10:59 Ryder: Careful. (Rumbling) Whoa!
00:11:04 Marshall: Whee-ee-ee-ee-ee!
00:11:08 Rocky: Well, the road just got less bumpy. Right, Ryder?
00:11:11 Ryder: I'm not sure this is a road.
00:11:14 (Scene): (The truck soon goes off-road)
00:11:15 (Sound): (Ice cracking)
00:11:18 Ryder: Uh-oh. I think we're driving on a frozen lake. And it looks like the ice is cracking.
00:11:23 (Sound): (Ice cracking)
00:11:24 Everyone: (Everyone exclaiming)
00:11:26 (Sound): (Ice cracking)
00:11:27 Ryder: Robo-Dog, step on it! We need to get back to the highway!
00:11:33 (Scene): (Robo-Dog pushes the PAW Patroller to as fast as it can go)
00:11:35 (Sound): (Ice cracking)
00:11:40 (Scene): (But the team must jump over a gap between the frozen lake and the shore)
00:11:41 Ryder: Full speed, Robo-Dog!
00:11:44 (Scene): (Then Robo-Dog takes a full of speed the PAW Patroller to jump over)
00:11:46 Everyone: (Everyone exclaiming)
00:11:49 Ryder: Back to the road, Robo-Dog.
00:11:52 (Scene): (And the team return to the highway safely)
00:11:56 Pups: (Pups cheering)
00:11:57 Ryder: That was close.
00:12:01 Penguins: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:12:03 (Scene): (The team arrived where Jake called the PAW Patrol a minute ago)
00:12:04 Ryder: We're here, pups. We made it.
00:12:09 Ryder: According to the map, Jake called us from right around here.
00:12:14 Chase: It looks pretty empty.
00:12:16 Ryder: He's probably taken shelter someplace to get out of the storm. Let's find him.
00:12:20 Ryder: Jake!
00:12:21 Pups: Jake!
00:12:25 (Scene): (Back with Jake and Everest)
00:12:26 Everest: Achoo!
00:12:28 Jake: Gesundheit!
00:12:33 Jake: Oh, no fair. I can't move my arms.
00:12:36 Everest: I can fix that.
00:12:37 (Scene): (Everest digs Jake out)
00:12:39 Jake: Everest, you rock!
00:12:42 Everest: I rock! I rock! I rock!
00:12:45 Everest: Wait, so what kind of rock am I?
00:12:48 Jake: I'll explain it on the way to the igloo.
00:12:51 Everest: (Barking)
00:12:52 Jake: (Laughing)
00:12:53 (Scene): (And they're continue their trip to the igloo)
00:12:56 (Scene): (Back to the PAW Patrol where still find Jake)
00:12:57 Skye: No tracks.
00:12:58 Penguin: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:13:00 Skye: Just more cute penguins. (Skye giggling)
00:13:04 Penguin: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:13:05 Marshall: What was that?
00:13:11 Marshall: A-ha!
00:13:13 Marshall: You're not Jake.
00:13:14 Penguin: (Squawking)
00:13:15 Marshall: Ouch! Sorry.
00:13:18 Marshall: Uh-oh.
00:13:20 (Scene): (He gets the snow dangling over the top of it down of it)
00:13:23 Penguin: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:13:26 Marshall: I said sorry.
00:13:28 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:13:30 Chase: (Gasping) Zuma, check this out!
00:13:34 Zuma: Jake's phone and knapsack.
00:13:36 Zuma: (Barking) Buoy!
00:13:43 Chase: I'll tell Ryder. Ruff, ruff!
00:13:47 Chase: Ryder, we found Jake's phone and backpack. It fell into the water. Now it's frozen solid.
00:13:53 Ryder: Okay. So he was here but that means he doesn't have any supplies.
00:13:58 Ryder: Over there!
00:14:00 Ryder: Are those some tracks?
00:14:04 Chase: (Sniffing) That's Jake all right.
00:14:07 Chase: Who's this?
00:14:08 Chase: (Sniffing) Some pup? Ooh, who eats a lot of liver.
00:14:14 Ryder: Those tracks should lead us to them. Let's go!
00:14:16 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:14:19 Chase: I don't think we can. They're snowed over. It'll be hard finding Jake under all this fresh snow.
00:14:24 Ryder: No job is too big. No pup is too small.
00:14:29 (Sound): (Pup pad beeping)
00:14:30 Ryder: Pups, to the PAW Patroller.
00:14:31 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:14:34 (Scene): (Ryder summons the pups to the PAW Patroller)
00:14:35 (Scene): (But Marshall getting a snowman’s head-sized bunch of snow on his head)
00:14:36 Marshall: (Muffled:) Whoa, whoa!
00:14:37 Pups: (Pups barking)
00:14:40 Marshall: (Muffled:) Whoa! Whoa!
00:14:43 (Scene): (And Marshall ends with the snow on his head fall off and turn into six little snowmen)
00:14:44 Marshall: A little snowman for each pup.
00:14:46 Pups: (Laughing)
00:14:51 Pups: (Barking and laughing)
00:14:53 (Music):
00:14:59 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder sir!
00:15:02 Ryder: We all know why we're here.
00:15:04 Ryder: Jake's lost and his tracks are covered with snow. We have to find him, fast.
00:15:10 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) Chase, I'll need your tracking skills and police truck to find Jake's path again.
00:15:15 Chase: Chase is on the case.
00:15:17 Ryder: Great.
00:15:18 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) And Skye, I'll need you to search for Jake from above.
00:15:21 Skye: This puppy's gotta fly!
00:15:24 Ryder: Okay. The rest of you can follow along in the PAW Patroller in case we need more help.
00:15:29 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:15:31 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:15:33 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase and Skye)
00:16:08 (Sound): (Reving engine)
00:16:09 (Music):
00:16:14 Ryder: Snowmobile!
00:16:16 (Music):
00:16:21 Ryder: Skye, any sign of Jake?
00:16:22 Skye: No Jake.
00:16:24 Skye: Just snow, snow and more snow.
00:16:29 (Scene): (Jake and Everest finally reach the ice bridge)
00:16:30 Everest: My igloo's just across that ice bridge.
00:16:31 Jake: Whoa! Will it hold?
00:16:34 Everest: It's the only way over.
00:16:35 (Scene): (A penguin shows off sliding across it on his belly)
00:16:36 Penguin: (Penguins chirrupping)
00:16:41 Everest: Always showing off. Come on.
00:16:45 Jake: Okay. Think light thoughts. Feathers, popcorn, fluffy, fluffy clouds.
00:16:53 (Sound): (Ice creaking)
00:16:54 Jake and Everest: Uh-oh.
00:16:56 (Scene): (Meanwhile Chase is still find Jake with his sniff)
00:16:57 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:17:00 Ryder: What is it, Chase?
00:17:01 Chase: I spy with my little nose something that starts with J.
00:17:04 Ryder: Jake's tracks.
00:17:06 Ryder and Chase: Let's go!
00:17:07 Chase: (Barking and howling)
00:17:10 (Scene): (Ryder and Chase decide to follow Jake's track)
00:17:12 Everest: Uh-oh, the bridge is cracking!
00:17:16 Jake: I don't think it's gonna hold, Everest.
00:17:19 Skye: Ryder, I found Jake and the pup! They're stuck on an ice bridge, and the ice is breaking up! Hurry!
00:17:26 Skye: Hang on, Skye. We're on our way.
00:17:29 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:17:34 (Sound): (Ice cracking)
00:17:35 Jake: Whoa!
00:17:37 Everest: I hear something. A helicopter! Look, and some trucks!
00:17:43 Jake: It's the PAW Patrol I told you about.
00:17:46 Jake: Hey, Chase!
00:17:47 (Sound): (Ice creaking)
00:17:49 Jake: (Whispering:) Hi.
00:17:50 (Sound): (Ice continues cracking)
00:17:51 Jake: Oh!
00:17:53 Zuma: The bridge is falling down!
00:17:54 Chase: With Jake on it!
00:17:56 Rocky: What do we do now, Ryder?
00:17:57 Ryder: There's more than one way to lift Jake. Chase, is your winch ready?
00:18:01 Chase: Ruff, winch!
00:18:06 Ryder: Thanks.
00:18:07 Ryder: Skye, use your wings to fly the winch line out to Jake.
00:18:10 Ryder: Chase will pull Jake and the pup off the bridge. If they fall, we can winch them up.
00:18:14 Skye: Great plan. This puppy's got to fly!
00:18:18 Skye: (Barking) Wings!
00:18:21 (Scene): (Skye is ready with her harness to save Jake and Everest)
00:18:30 Everest: Whoa, a flying pup! That's too cool.
00:18:34 Ryder: Jake, grab the cable and we'll pull you both to safety.
00:18:39 Skye: Catch!
00:18:42 Jake: Ready to do this?
00:18:43 Everest: Ready as I'll ever be.
00:18:46 Ryder: Jake, we're going to retract the cable to pull you over. Ready, Chase?
00:18:50 Chase: Ready.
00:18:52 Everest: Guess this is the wrong time to ask for an ear scratch?
00:18:56 Jake: (Laughing) Hang on. (Jake gives a thumb sign)
00:18:59 Ryder: Okay!
00:19:00 Chase: (Barking)
00:19:04 Jake and Everest: Yeah! Woo-hoo!
00:19:07 Jake and Everest: Whoa! Oof!
00:19:11 Jake: Everest, jump!
00:19:14 Everest: Don't worry, I've got you, Jake.
00:19:17 Everest: (Grunting)
00:19:18 Jake: Whoa!
00:19:21 Jake: (Grunting)
00:19:25 Jake and Everest: You okay? (Laughing)
00:19:27 Jake and Everest: I asked you first.
00:19:29 Jake: I'm great, Everest. Thanks. You saved me. Again!
00:19:34 Everest: Yes. Two rescues in one day! Best day ever!
00:19:38 Jake: (Laughing)
00:19:39 Ryder: Jake, you okay?
00:19:41 Jake: I'm awesome, thanks to Everest, you and the pups.
00:19:45 Jake: Hey, pups, meet Everest. Everest, this is Ryder and the PAW Patrol.
00:19:52 Everyone: (Everyone saying hello)
00:19:53 Everest: Hi, Ryder. Hi, pups. Jake told me all about you.
00:19:57 Marshall: I better get you two warmed up.
00:20:00 (Scene): (Marshall gives the towel to them)
00:20:01 Jake: Awesome!
00:20:03 Jake: Thanks, Marshall.
00:20:05 Ryder: Now let's get you inside where it's nice and warm.
00:20:08 Pups: (Cheering)
00:20:11 Marshall: Here's a biscuit for you, Everest.
00:20:18 Everest: Mm, liver! Thanks! And thanks for the help, PAW Patrol.
00:20:22 Jake: Hey, Everest, what are you gonna do now?
00:20:25 Everest: Guess I have to find another way back to my igloo.
00:20:30 Jake: I have an idea.
00:20:31 Jake: You know how you said it can be lonesome out here and all?
00:20:34 Jake: Do you want to come back to Adventure Bay with us? I could really use a smart pup like you to help out on the mountain.
00:20:41 Everest: You could?
00:20:42 Jake: Oh, yeah!
00:20:44 Jake: Tracking down lost snowboarders, clearing trails, even rescues sometimes.
00:20:51 Everest: I love rescues!
00:20:53 Ryder: There's room on the PAW Patroller.
00:20:55 Everest: You mean go with Jake and all you pups? (Ryder agree)
00:20:58 Everest: Woo-hoo!
00:21:03 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:21:06 (Sound): (Growling)
00:21:07 Marshall: Are there b-b-b-bears around here?
00:21:11 Everest: Sorry, that's just my hungry tummy.
00:21:13 Everest: Got any more biscuits?
00:21:14 Everest: (Munching)
00:21:18 Singing: ♪ 83 boxes of treats on the wall ♪
00:21:21 Singing: ♪ 83 boxes of treats ♪
00:21:23 Singing: ♪ Take one down, pass it around ♪
00:21:26 (Scene): (The PAW Patrol, Jake and seven pups returns home to Adventure Bay)
00:21:29 (Scene): (At night, the gang is enjoying roasting marshmallow outside Jake's cabin)
00:21:30 Everest: (Munching)
00:21:32 Everest: Thanks for the treats.
00:21:34 Jake: And thanks again for rescuing us, Ryder.
00:21:37 Ryder: Couldn't have done it without my pups. Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help.
00:21:42 Ryder: Which reminds me, Everest, I have something for you.
00:21:46 Everest: (Gasping)
00:21:48 Ryder: Everest, for saving Jake and showing great rescue skills, I'd like to make you an official member of the PAW Patrol.
00:21:55 Everest: Whoa!
00:21:56 (Scene): (Ryder gives a badge to Everest)
00:21:57 Everest: PAW Patrol rocks!
00:21:59 Everyone: (Everyone cheering)
00:22:02 Everest: I don't know what to say except thanks, Ryder. Thanks, pups. Best day ever, ever!
00:22:09 (Sound): (Growling)
00:22:10 Marshall: Was that, thunder?
00:22:13 Everest: Nope, my tummy again. I'm kind of hungry all the time.
00:22:17 (Sound): (Growling)
00:22:18 Everyone: (Growling)
00:22:20 Marshall: Wait, let me get another marshmallow.
00:22:23 Marshall: (Crashing)
00:22:24 Marshall: Uh… a little help?
00:22:27 Everest: I got this.
00:22:29 (Scene): (Everest helps him out, and getting a few marshmallow)
00:22:33 Everest: Best rescue ever!
00:22:36 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)
00:22:39 Skye: Yay!