The New Pup



(Marshall attempts to perform a backflip, but lands on his face.)

  • Marshall: "That flip was kind of a flop."

  • Rubble: "It's a tie!"
  • Chase + Zuma: "Again? Catch you next time!" (Chuckles)

  • Everest: "I've always wanted to do a real rescue. Sometimes I practice rescuing penguins, but they never say 'Thank you'... or anything... except 'Honk!'"

  • Zuma: "Yikes, it's nose-freezing cold out there."

(Rubble and Zuma stick their heads out of the window, and their faces get covered in snow from the pine trees.)

  • Rubble: "Snowy, too!"

  • Jake: "You've met your match, fur-face!"

  • Jake: "It's nice and dry in here... and your coat's so awesomely warm!"
  • Everest: "The fleas think so, too."
  • Jake: "Fleas?"
  • Everest: "Got ya!"

  • All pups: (Singing) "83 boxes of treats on the wall, 83 boxes of treats, take one down, pass it around, 82 boxes of treats on the wall!"
  • Rocky: "We almost there, Ryder?"
  • Ryder: "We're about 30 boxes of treats away."

  • Zuma: "Hey penguin, nice suit!"

  • Jake: "Everest, you rock!"
  • Everest: "I rock! I rock! I rock! Wait, so what kind of rock am I?"

(A penguin jumps up in front of her.)

  • Skye: "Just more cute penguins!"

  • Chase: (Sniffs) "That's Jake, all right. Who's this?" (Sniffs) "Some pup..." (Recoils in disgust) "...who eats a lot of liver."

  • Marshall: "A little snowman for each pup!"

  • Ryder: "Everest, I have something for you."

(Everest gasps in anticipation.)

  • Ryder: "Everest, for saving Jake and showing great rescue skills, I'd like to make you an official member of the PAW Patrol!"
  • Everest: "Woah! PAW Patrol rocks!"