The Lookout

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  • The Lookout has been built on Minecraft. [1] A picture of it was also featured on PAW Patrol's official Facebook page.
  • Mr. Porter made a cake of the Lookout in "Pups Take the Cake."
  • Mayor Goodway, Katie and Alex have visited the Lookout.
  • The Lookout's features can be activated with Ryder's Pup-Pad.
  • The Lookout's design is similar to the Seattle Space Needle.
  • Ryder probably lives in the Lookout.
  • Everest has not yet visited the Lookout, although she's been seen on the monitor, until she made her first appearance in "All Star Pups!" and her first deployement in "Pups Get Skunked".
  • The changing room is not only where the pups put on their uniforms; it is also where miscellaneous items joining them in the elevator are usually removed.
  • Other characters have been down the pole, including Alex (in "Pups Save Alex's Mini-Patrol"). Marshall has also been up the pole, when his place was taken in the elevator by an inflatable pink rubber dolphin toy ("Pups Save a Dolphin Pup")
  • If all pups go on the slide at once, they descend in the order of callout from the theme song (from first to last: Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye)

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