Symbols Used Exclusively For Stencils

.[[[text]]] : Text is not included in articles, nor is anything else in the same lines in source (often the "br" code)
.//text// : Text takes the place of the actual format, but is not a direct mimic; is an explanation for how to use it
.\text\ : Generalized text is replaced in articles with the appropriate specific words
.\#\ : Hash is replaced in articles with the appropriate Arabic numeral
.'\text1/text2\' : Text from either side of the slash is used for the appropriate topic
.((text)) : Intermittent comment or explanation for previous writing that is not included in articles
.Xtext : Text is example of what not to do on articles

Symbols Used In Articles

Keep these symbols from stencils left as is for use in articles, unless overruled by the use of symbols above:

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